SheBeasts is a social enterprise with a mission to empower women and girls to find their inner beast through Movement, Mindset and Nutrition coaching. Profits from the business are re-invested directly into helping women in refuges affected by domestic violence or other traumas, offering them free advice on a range of life skills, including nutrition, health, and mindfulness. SheBeasts provides a safe environment for women to experience a complete lifestyle change, by harnessing the power they already hold within. This is delivered as 1-1 sessions and for groups.

Founded by Sadie Jones

Many women across Birmingham, who may have experienced trauma or difficult upbringings, do not have access to wellbeing training and may not be aware of the positive effects it can have on them. The aim of SheBeasts CIC is to offer a free lifeline to those living in refuges, giving them a greater chance at getting on the right path. This is done through group support, exercise, health skills and mindfulness; all of which  not only improves their lives but also future chances of success.

SheBeasts is more than a fitness class: it is a community… so much so that its unique business model provides not only an environment for women to transform themselves but also for them to build those around them by paying it forward. Proceeds from every paid-for class are directly reinvested into providing workshops for women in refuge. Workshops are focused on the importance of physical and mental well-being, which covers a range of life improvement topics, including nutrition, fitness, health, mindfulness, and positive behaviour training.
Funding opportunities for women who have been through traumatic experiences, ranging from substance misuse to domestic abuse, provides the women with opportunities to develop a career. As SheBeasts grows, the team hopes to provide opportunities for them to train as rebounding instructors with SheBeasts providing the women with a career path that allows them the security and freedom to build a brighter future.
The social enterprise has been founded by business consultant and body builder, Sadie Jones, who is combining her business acumen, philanthropy, and love for fitness to launch this much-needed service.


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