A wellbeing company delivering movement mindset & nutrition with direct social impact

We are She Beasts CIC, a small but motivated company specialising in wellbeing it is the heart of our business. We believe passionately that through movement, mindset and nutrition lives can be transformed. We have committed ourselves to giving our clients a range of services that not only educate but gives them an opportunity to build positive relationships with themselves and their communities.

If you are looking for a way to improve your own wellbeing or that of your organisations whilst giving back to the community, you’re in the right place.

She Beasts CIC Our Story

She Beasts CIC was founded by Sadie Jones a female on a mission to see change, a change for females who like her have experienced trauma, the change started with her own story. As a witness of domestic abuse as a child and survivor she knows all too well the potential outcomes for those who have been victims to abuse.

For many females it’s a domino effect of unfortunate circumstances and a cycle that becomes almost impossible to break, homelessness, substance abuse, imprisonment and for the unlucky one’s death. It can become a stigma that can follow you around for years after, in your own head but also in the eyes of others and their perception of who you are and what your capable of.

Sadie found that solution for change when she decided she would not be another statistic and went on a journey using exercise, nutrition, and mindset to change her own narrative, the child carer and teenage mother who left school with no qualifications at 15 is a distant memory. Sadie is now a successful business person and founder as well as a Female Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Coach and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

She has 1st hand experience and wants to share this with as many females as possible to give them the opportunity to do the same and find their inner beast and their true passion.

Sadie is also available for guest speaking on topics that include but are not limited to surviving domestic abuse, female founders, child witness to abuse, child carers, overcoming trauma, resilience female empowerment, behaviour change.

How we create change

Change is achieved by working with organisations and individuals to educate them on the broader spectrum of Wellbeing, engaging with them and educating them on how they can transform their own lives teaching them transferrable skills that they can apply both at home and in the workspace to improve their mental and physical states.

The sessions delivered are directly responsible for funding the work in the community programs for females who have experienced trauma. It allows for us to deliver workshops that rebuild the confidence of these females and to offer them a 360 transformation & careers within the She Beasts CIC organisation.

Having already welcomed our 1st of many apprentices we are excited to see more females grow and flourish through the programs that will be able to inspire others to create new goals and drive their own success in their own lives and that of others.

Mission: Creating a community for everyday females who share accountability to empower and inspire people who are just like them.

Our Vision: Because every female deserves to overcome their odds and reach the top of their ladder.

25% Of fees are reinvested to support women suffering from domestic and substance misuse and other trauma… Providing a safe environment for all females to experience a complete lifestyle change, by harnessing the power within them and connecting them with employment opportunities and providing active workshops for young females.

Our Values – F.A.C.E


Facing your fears head-on, because you know you’re not alone.


Releasing your inner beast, whomever she
might be to you.


Committing to yourself, committing to your journey and committing to the community.


Females supporting females to be the best version of themselves.

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Our Team

Meet Clare

To be strong is super important to me, to feel secure and be able to be part of the change is just as important. I am a full-time working mum, raising girls of the future and want to be sure that they know that no matter what, they have choices. I’ve battled as a girl, and young woman and found my strength through time, my career, stubbornness, physical strength and a relentless approach to having my life the way I want it. I endured horrific abuse and was shamed into silence and this led me to relationships with insecure men that gave me tolerance for their unacceptable behaviour. Somehow, something triggered me to find my inner strength, (now I would say my inner SheBeast) to fight back. It took years of flinching and avoiding raised voices, and not reacting to aggressive behaviour for me to find my balance and focus on the type of woman I wanted to be and the type of people that were welcome in my life. At 40-something…., I am a successful businesswoman. I achieved a BSc (Hons) in Combined STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) in Aug 2020 and an MSc in Management & Leadership in 2023 and use physical fitness in weights, rowing & yoga to help my balance. I have a wonderful family, and I’m proud to be a SheBeast, driving awareness, making sure that every woman knows she is strong, and she has a choice.

Meet Terri

Hi, I’m Terri and I handle all things creative content at She Beasts. As an original member of the community, I joined the team in 2021 through the Impact programme. There are a few things I’m passionate about, my daughter being the most important and also supporting good causes. The benefits that moving my body can have on my mental health are invaluable to me. In terms of my goals, I aim to constantly improve myself as well as be the best mom I can be. Being part of She Beasts allows me to achieve those goals.

Meet Tracey

Tracey works in the domestic abuse sector overseeing a Community Interest Company raising awareness of domestic abuse to employers and setting up social enterprises. She has worked in sales, business development and commercial operations for over 30 years and is passionate about supporting people who have been subjected to abuse and trauma. Her other passion is her pets and plants – she has 11 pets including two cats, a dog, two guinea pigs, a goldfish, a bearded dragon, and geckos. In her spare time, she writes and has co-authored two books with her first solo book coming out soon, and she enjoys other creative things such as making pots, upcycling and mosaics.

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