What We Will Cover

▶ Session to provide mentoring programmes to young females to discuss their bodies, mindset health and nutrition using the Deep Health principles. Each session will involve physical activity rebounding, HIIT or functional fitness.

Program Content

▶ We will be tackling issues like being a young single mother, gang culture, peer pressure, domestic abuse and the many different forms this takes.

▶Exploring routes to careers and opportunities that will impact their futures creating ongoing support that will help transition these young girls into empowered women

Benefits to Mentees

▶ A non-judgmental space to share feelings about body image, social media, and the pressures of being an adolescent.

▶ My background means that I can speak from a place of experience having been a teen mom, coming from a broken home and being in several situations I can offer life experience and proof that there is always a choice and that we are here to help them make the right choices.

▶ Part of this program will be assisting with finding work placements where suitable and showing a mix of industries dispelling the stigmas that are associated with women being stuck at home or doing minim wage roles.



What We Will Cover

▶ We need to make our economy work for women so women can be safer. Often, economic equality and safety from violence against women and girls are seen as separate issues. However, gender norms, inadequate public services, the gender pay gap and downright discrimination all contribute to women’s disadvantaged position in the economy.

Program Content

▶ We will provide 6 sessions where 5 women from refuge are paired with 5 women from a corporate setting.

▶Over the 6 sessions we will look at improving deep health using a range of tools movement, mindset and nutritional support. However, we also look at the routes to becoming more financially free and the benefits to finding a role you love and having the confidence to take back your power. Sharing experiences and building a sisterhood of females from different backgrounds.

Benefits to Mentees 

▶ Employee wellbeing

▶ Employee engagement

▶ Supports corporate social responsibility


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