Fitness and behaviour-based coaching

Unlock Your Full Potential with She Beasts CIC

Training with Sadie at She Beasts has helped me overcome my war with the scales. Sadie has used a combination of cardio, resistance training, rebounding, and nutritional advice to help me take back control and work towards a healthier lifestyle…

– Bryoni Grandison

I’d lost my motivation for home workouts and She Beasts brought the fun and focus back to fitness for me … now I’m totally hooked!

– Kassandra Bacon

I’ve been introduced to rebounding through Sadie at She Beasts and it’s an absolute game-changer! The faith Sadie has in me that I could achieve has given me the self-belief that I can and I am.

– Farhana Matin

Working out made fun with She Beasts, and Sadie made me feel super comfortable. it has also encouraged me to be more mindful of my eating. I’m really looking forward to the next four weeks I’ve booked.

– Mona Farooq

I have had several personal training sessions with Sadie and cannot fault her training, techniques and advice. I always left my personal training sessions feeling good about myself after working out with Sadie. I would highly recommend her.

– Ammara Rafique

I keep coming to She Beasts twice a week because for the first time in a long time, I see positive changes in my body and I have so much more energy. Not only do I look better but I feel better in and about myself because I dedicate these 2 hours out of my week to me and not only me but the ladies I share the class with I hope they feed off my energy and support the same way I do from them and I’m grateful to be a part of this community.

– Bryoni

The reason I joined She Beasts is to improve my health & fitness & learn something new. Since joining I love the camaraderie, the support and the encouragement we have for each other. I understand wholeheartedly the concept of why we support women in domestic violence. We are strength in numbers!!

– Marlyn

I keep coming to She Beasts as already I can see and feel the results which I never have before. The group is so welcoming and friendly too. Being an older menopausal lady I was a bit concerned I wouldn’t fit in, it wouldn’t work, etc, but I’m proof it does as today I was presented with a prize for losing the most weight so far in the latest challenge. Not only am I getting fit and losing weight, it’s also fun x

– Nicola

It came to the time In my life when I needed that extra push….I’ve watched Sadie grow over the years into this incredibly fit, fearless and amazing mentor and I knew she was the one. She’s honest, real and very funny….it helps when you’re new to pt like I was. I’m very much enjoying the experience 3 weeks in.

– Donna

The key to unlocking your potential

At She Beasts CIC, we offer a range of options to help you achieve your desired goals from Group exercise, we incorporate a variety of movements rebounding classes which provide a low-impact, high-cardio workout with boundless health benefits, circuits, weight training and so much more whilst getting to meet other like-minded females.

Behaviour Based Coaching and Personal 1:1 (Buddy programmes) sessions are perfect for those who need a more tailored approach to their transformation and a little more support

For those who prefer to train at home or remotely, our Online Training program is the perfect solution.

It is a Sisterhood we are here to make a real difference, 25% of our fees are donated to support women suffering from domestic violence and substance misuse. Our mission is to help you find your inner beast, and build confidence, whilst making a difference in the world.

Introducing the She Beasts sisterhood blog!

So after much anticipation and playing with the idea for nearly three years, we finally decided that now was the perfect time to start sharing.

Achieve Your Goals with Mindset Courses

At She Beasts CIC, we are proud to offer Mindset Courses in the Birmingham UK & West Midlands area. Our courses are designed to help you gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to take responsibility for your diet and lifestyle. Whether you want to improve your health, increase your self-esteem, or lose a few pounds, our workshops will support you in achieving your goals. Contact us today for more information.

Join the She Beasts CIC community and book one of our Movement, Mindset, Corporate or Community Courses today!